Although different techniques are shown for the different types of learners, you'll notice broad similarities across the lessons. In your tutoring, try to:

  1. Develop a lesson plan each week. Use the videos to help you come up with ideas and activities for your learner.
  2. Always ground your lessons in the real-life goals of your learner.
  3. Try to include speaking, listening, reading, and writing in each lesson.
  4. Design your lessons to build on each other from week to week.
  5. Each week, review key topics and lessons from the previous week.
  6. Each week, discuss what should be done for the following week.
  7. Take notes each week on what worked well, what needs improvement, and new ideas or challenges.
  8. Encourage your learner to generate study materials such as sight word lists, picture cards, post-its and experience stories that can be used for study and review.
  9. Revisit the videos frequently for ideas and inspiration.
  10. Keep in touch with other tutors and trainers at Literacy DuPage to share ideas and get help with special challenges.