"Dream are reached when PEOPLE HELP PEOPLE"

Soyoung and Kim

Poor English-language skills can increase isolation. Not knowing English in America can cause a learner to feel lonely and detached. For Literacy DuPage learner Soyoung, not being able to interact in her community left her with feelings of depression. Then she heard about Literacy DuPage from a friend, and she was excited for the opportunity…

Blog featured image - "Tutor and student, reaching for the American Dream"

A love for teaching

Tutor Laura is all about books and literacy. Literacy DuPage tutor Laura K. is a published poet and short story writer. She’s also energetic, funny, kind, compassionate, and encouraging. Laura is an example of how literacy can improve lives. From an early age, Laura learned that reading and writing were essential components of success. Neither…

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Probation Tutoring Program at Literacy DuPage

SPARKING conversation at probation. It started with an observant judge and a compassionate probation officer. In 2014, probation officer Randall Wernecke was speaking with Chief Judge Daniel Guerin, of the DuPage County 18th Judicial Circuit Court. Judge Guerin noticed probationers in his courtroom who could not understand, read, or fill out necessary forms. He wondered…

Itasca Conversation Group's outing and the words, "This group is here to stay"

This group is not fazed by COVID-19

Conversation groups are special, often becoming more than just a group. At Literacy DuPage, our ESL conversation groups are intended to give intermediate and above adult learners from around the world, practice speaking English in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. In 2019, there were 1,023 attendances by learners at one of Literacy DuPage’s drop-in conversation groups!…

Got a second? Fight illiteracy.

As much as our tutors accomplish, many more people in the area wish for a better life by improving their language skills. Literacy DuPage’s waiting list includes 300 more people who hope to be matched with a tutor. Overall, more than 100,000 people in DuPage County need help improving their English-language skills.