Literacy DuPage recruits and trains volunteers to tutor adults who wish to improve their English speaking, listening, reading, and/or writing. Sitting side-by-side with learners every day, we aren’t just teaching literacy, we’re changing lives.


Empowering an adult with language will change that person’s life—and yours, too. No foreign language or teaching experience needed. Just time and heart.


More than 100,000 DuPage County residents need help improving their English skills. We dream of reaching them all.


Our tutoring happens in quiet libraries and other public spaces. But in the community, we’re making noise—online and in person.


We’re eager to tell the story of our organization, but even more excited to share the inspiring stories of our learners’ successes.

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We hold volunteer meet & greet sessions every few weeks, at locations throughout DuPage County.

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Since 1972, we’ve been changing lives through literacy. Our passion just keeps growing. Read our strategic plan and annual report.

The Spark
Image of a microphone with the words Celebrating Empowerment: Literacy DuPage immigrant stories

Celebrating Empowerment

Imagine you are asked to give a speech … For most of us, this idea provokes at least a little anxiety. Now, imagine that what your audience wants to hear about is your life, your experiences, and your immigration story. What’s more, they want you to speak in their language—which is not your native language.…

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Image from day of planting and text that says: Growing, Hope, Inspiration, Friendships

Gosia writes an essay

When a Literacy DuPage learner and tutor begin working together, there’s no telling where their relationship might take them. Will they break the language barrier and achieve the learner’s specific goals? Of course. They may also find their way to unexpected experiences and achievements.

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Silvia’s story: learning English has changed her life

Literacy DuPage is in the midst of our spring campaign to raise the funds we need to fulfill our mission. What follows is the message our executive director is sending to everyone who subscribes to our newsletter. If you’ve found your way to this post, we’d love to have your support as well. Need a reason?…

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