Language is power.

When you give an adult the gift of learning language, that power ripples through the community—uplifting the individual, energizing families, igniting the spirit of a neighborhood.

That’s what we do at Literacy DuPage, and we want you to join us. Become a tutor, or share your time with our cause in some other way. It’s sure to be one of the most rewarding endeavors of your life.

You’re just three steps from a life-changing volunteer opportunity.

Steps to become a tutor

Step 1. Register online for a volunteer Meet & Greet. You can also call our office at 630-942-5210 and ask for Ana. She will confirm your registration or schedule a phone Meet & Greet. During the Meet & Greet, you’ll learn more about Literacy DuPage and receive a training registration packet. We hold these 60-minute sessions regularly. Here’s a schedule of upcoming meet & greet sessions:

WEBINAR via Zoom

June 17, 2021 – 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

WEBINAR via Zoom

July 12, 2021 – 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

WEBINAR via Zoom

July 24, 2021 – 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

WEBINAR via Zoom

August 10, 2021 – 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM

WEBINAR via Zoom

August 28, 2021 – 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM

Phone Meet & Greet

On a date and time that work for you!

To schedule, please contact us at 630-942-5210 or [email protected].

Step 2. Reserve your spot in our training program by completing and returning your registration packet (including background check form). We conduct training regularly and throughout the county, so you can choose the training series that’s most convenient for you. The full, 15-hour training program is a time commitment, but this instruction will give you all the tools and information you need to support a learner. You’ll be in a cohort of other beginning tutors—just like you.

Step 3. Meet your adult learner. Part-way through your training experience, you’ll be matched with a learner, so you can start making a difference right away.  Plan on two hours per week from that point.

Beyond tutoring, here are other ways you can get involved with Literacy DuPage:

  • Volunteer in our office
  • Provide IT/computer support
  • Help with special events
  • Create learner success stories to share
  • Take photos of Literacy DuPage in action
  • Donate design, printing, and other services
  • Invite us to meet with your company, organization, club, or place of worship
  • Secure sponsorships for our work
  • Invite individuals to donate
  • Recruit other volunteers
  • Serve on a committee or join our board of directors
  • Volunteer at Summer events

Interested? See something we’ve missed? Contact us to offer your time and talent to Literacy DuPage.

Commonly asked questions about tutoring:

A: Mostly, you need time and heart. You don’t need to speak a second language, and you don’t need experience as a teacher or tutor (though active and retired educators do make great tutors!). Specifically, here’s what it takes to be a Literacy DuPage tutor:

  • Be at least 21 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak, read, write and understand English well enough to communicate clearly at a native or near-native proficiency.
  • Be sensitive to the issues of literacy, the adult learner, and other cultures.
  • Be patient, dependable, friendly, optimistic, and open to learning new things.
  • Be interested in helping others, respectful of confidentiality, and able to communicate with compassion.
  • Have a sense of humor and enthusiasm for empowering adults through literacy.

A: No, you do not need to speak another language to tutor.

A: No, we will train you!

A: Tutoring does involve a time commitment. Here’s what you can expect, from attending a meet & greet, to training, to ongoing tutoring:

  • 60 minutes for an initial volunteer meet & greet session
  • 15 hours of tutor training spread over several days
  • Minimum of two ongoing tutor-education sessions (in-service workshops) each year
  • Minimum of six months of tutoring your adult learner for two hours per week

A: Here’s what we ask of Literacy DuPage tutors:

  • Meet with your learner regularly and punctually.
  • Prepare each lesson to meet your learner’s goals and needs.
  • Identify your learner’s special interests and integrate related material into lessons.
  • Set up an assessment meeting after every 35 hours of tutoring.
  • Submit hours online on a quarterly basis.
  • Contact program staff for support at any time. We look forward to assisting you!

A: The volunteer meet & greet and training is free.

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